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суббота, 9 марта 2013 г.

Mycetic Spores – scratch build from plastic ball

As I promised - I made a translation of a Mycetic Spore scratch build guide.

It was 4 weeks before the first 6-th ed. tourney and I planned to take a drop army with 4 mycetic spores to it. Organizers denied me to bring coconuts as spores, so I searched for different variant. The fast andcheap one was found here:

I liked how it looks like, so I found some plastic balls on the market (they are about 4 inches in diameter). I grab 4 of them at a mere price of 3$ for all of them.
At the nearest shop I grap a hot glue gun – 13$ and a pack of different glue for it for 8$ (black glue is professional, transparent is domestic – I took them both to try out).

Soddenly I realized that I want to try to make long tendrils for my spore. The realization is simple – I take a nail and thread and hang it up on my table lamp!  Then I put a large drop of glue at the top of the ball and gravity do the rest of the job for me:)

I spent about 5-6 glue sticks for 1 ball.

1. Transparent glue is better than black one to make longer tendrils.

2. Wait a bit to let glue to cool down a bit, then rotate the ball to control how it flows down. If it flaws fast then it will drop down and leave you with a very short tendril. If it flaws to slow it will harden in the middle with no tendril in result.
3. Put some dops at the bottom of the spore, then rotate it upside-down again to get some tendrils on the back too.
4. I put a very-very large drop of glue on the top of my spore and created some details on it with a toothpick.

Later I got to my friend Gruumsh, who helped me to paint all my spores with airbrush. All in all I spent about 5 hours to make my four custom spores:)

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  3. Looks pretty awesome!
    Arjan aka Da Talon (Warpshadow)