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FGB8 Tourney - Game3 - Blood Angels

In the third and last game of the tourney, I play with Blood Angels DK/Sanguinary guard spam commanded by Dyuceu.

+ PLAYER: Antoni Niezgoda Dyuceu Wwa
+ TK: Dyuceu
+ GV: Dyuceu
+ ARMY FACTION: Adeptus Astartes (Blood Angels)
+ PRE GAME STRATEGEMS: 1xWarlord Trait,1xRelic,2xHero of theChapter,1xRelics of the Chapter

No Prisoners: 132 wound
Bring it Down: 0
Assassination: 13
Abhor the Witch: 0

== Arks of Omen Detachment - Blood Angels 0CP - Compulsory slot: Elites==
==[Chapter Tactic:The Red Thirst, Blood Angels Trait:Savage Echoes]

---Warlord Trait:Heroic Bearing (-1CP) (+1CP)

---Hero of the Chapter:Rites of War (-1CP)
---Relic:Teeth of Terra (-1CP)

HQ3: Lemartes [6 PL, 120 pts]
---Litanies:1. Litany of Faith (Aura), 6. Canticle of Hate (Aura), Litany of Hate

ELCH1:SanguinaryAncient [6PL,110pts]
---Angelus Boltgun
---Hero of the Chapter:Soulwarden (-1CP)
---Relic of the Chapter:Wrath of Baal (-1CP)

EL1:Sanguinary Guard [PL17,210pts]
---7X Sanguinary Guard
7x EncarmineSwords
7x Angelus Boltguns

EL2:Sanguinary Guard [PL17,210pts]
---7X Sanguinary Guard
7x EncarmineSwords
7x Angelus Boltguns

EL3:Sanguinary Guard [PL17,210pts]
---7X Sanguinary Guard
7x EncarmineSwords
7x Angelus Boltguns

EL4: 10 Death Company Marines [16 PL, 230 pts] Jump Packs
---10X Death Company Marine
10x Inferno Pistol
10x Power Sword

EL5: 10 Death Company Marines [16 PL, 230 pts] Jump Packs
---10X Death Company Marine
10x Inferno Pistol
10x Power Sword

EL6: 10 Death Company Marines [16 PL, 230 pts] Jump Packs
---10X Death Company Marine
10x Inferno Pistol
10x Power Sword

FA1: Attack Bike Squad [2 PL, 50 pts]
---1X Attack Bike
1x Multi Melta
1x Twin Boltgun

FA2: Attack Bike Squad [2 PL, 50 pts]
---1X Attack Bike
1x Multi Melta
1x Twin Boltgun

FA3: Attack Bike Squad [2 PL, 50 pts]
---1X Attack Bike
1x Multi Melta
1x Twin Boltgun

A LOT of space marine bodies! Still not as hard to chew through without Armor of Contempt:)

We play mission 22 from Arks of Omen GT:

Quarters, Have to control 1, 2, and more. Additional points for controlling objectives in no man's land and in the opponent’s territory.


Tyranids: Engage, No prisoners, Interrogation

Blood Angels: Codex warfare, Oath of moment, Engage (if I remember this correctly)

Looks like Blood angels gonna try to make a mess on the central objective, as usual:)


My deployment is quite the same as before with right flank ruin packed with hormies, tyrant guards, two tyrants, and a carnifex. Almost everything else is behind the central large ruin in my deployment. Tyrannocyte with pyrovores in deepstrike, as usual.

Blood angels hide a 10-man DK squad and 2 attack bikes behind on behind the small ruin to my left, while almost everything else - is behind their large ruin. One sanguinary guard unit, one DK unit, and Lemartes are deepstriking.

I win the first turn and the fun starts!

Turn 1. Tyranids

I measure 24 inches from the Blood angels position and try to avoid this area with my movements. No imperative for the first turn.

Tyrants with tyrant guards move along the right flank. I place one gants unit close to the central objective as a bite, while another two units keep the distance, ready for counter-charge.

Carnifexes walk a bit to the left but can see only 1 attack bike.

Tyrannicyte comes in onto the leftmost objective, with pyrovores aiming at the DK squad behind a small ruin.

Magic. Nothing interesting, just tyrant guards get Catalyst. Cannot see characters, so cannon Interrogatte them.

Shooting. Carnifexes shoot down one attack bike, while pyrovores and spore barbecue 6 DK marines, they fail morale and 1 more flees the battlefield.

2 for Primary for controlling a no-mans-land objective and 0 on all secondaries (except for no prisoners, that will be counted at the end).

Tyranids 2 - 0 Blood Angels

Turn 1. Blood Angels

Angels feel the thirst for blood and take the bite, boiling out of the ruin and heading to the central hormagaunt brood.

One sanguinary guard unit hides behind a ruin on the right flank holding an objective there. Only one attack bike is sitting at home:)

Shooting. A few melta shots kill two pyrovores outright. 

Assault. 3 DK marines assault the solo pyrovore, but only 2 manage to survive overwatch. They kill the pyrovore and consolidate to the Tyrannocyte… and both are whipped to death:)

The second DK unit with a Sanguinary guard unit and 3 characters assault hormagaunts, killing them, obviously, but remaining in the center as a result.

As a result with the DK unit dead, 0 points for Engage, 0 for codex warfare, and only 2 for Oath + 2 for primary.

Tyranids 2 - 4 Blood Angels

Turn 2. Tyranids

Both hormagaunt units get rr 1’s, one get +1 to hit.

I do activate Zoanthropes Imperative for Invulnerable saves.

I advance Shardgullet tyrant towards the small ruin on the right, being able to get a LoS to the sanguinary guards behind.

Hormagaunts get into multi-charge positions without advances.


Interrogation from Warlord is successful.

Zoeys smite to death two sanguinaries in the center.

Shardgullet tyrant smites and screams to a total of 2 dead sanguinaries on the far right.

Warlord-Tyrant gets Catalyst.


Carnifexes fail to shoot down a solo biker, ha-ha, so Pyrovores have to finish the job.

Shardgullet kills 2 more Sanguinaries, and 4 DK in the center are down thanks to balethorn cannon.

Assault. Shardgullet and tyrant guards successfully charge into rightmost sanguinaries, while warlord tyrant charges DK squad and hormagaunts multi-charge both DK and sanguinaries.

I start with Warlord-tyrant, killing all but one DK in the center.

Blood Angels intervene with the rightmost sanguinaries and kill the full tyrant guards squad! Shardgullet tyrant kills a few in return, so only 3 left.

Hormagaunts finish the last DK and Sanguinaries in the center, occupying the central objective.

Now I score 8 + 2 for primary, 2 for Engage, 3 for Interrogation, and a lot for No prisoners.

Tyranids 17 - 4 Blood Angels

Turn 2. Blood Angels

8 points for Primary.

All 3 heroes in the center head for carnifexes.

Reserves. Sanguinaries are on the far right, ready to assault Shardgullet tyrant, while DK with Lemartes are on the left, going for Pyrovores.

Shooting does nothing…


Sanguinaries fail the 9-inch charge.

DK charges, 7 dead with overwatch. The rest kill one pyrovore, while Shardgullet tyrant finishes 3 sanguinaries in Melee.

3 heroes deal a few wounds to Carnifexes, losing Sanguinary Ancient in return.

We call it a game at this point and just calculate the mission scores till the end. The result is approx 23 - 82, which is a 20-0 tournament score.

It was a relaxed game and Dyuceu was just like WAAAAGHH!!! and charged everything, so not an optimal play, but still a lot of fun with dice rolling:)

At the end I want to describe a novel (for me) approach to the tournament games, that is quite common in Poland as far as I can see. As Saturday is a family day in Poland, so players try to finish early with gaming and head home. So it’s quite often to play 2 games and drop from the 3rd. Usually, I experienced systems with «0 points for drop-offs», but in Poland dropped players are paired with each other and get a 10-10 tie. It means that if you are faced with a tough 3-rd round pairing after two easy matches, you can just drop off and get a «10» :) I’m not comfortable with this, but it seems like a necessary evil for a good game-family balance for many. 

That's all, thanks for reading:) Mind commenting if you do think that my reports suck, also mind commenting if you don’t:)

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