Tuesday, April 25, 2023

STC v.4 - Warhammer Brothers

At the very end of my report from STC let me properly introduce my teammates. Even better, my teammates will introduce themselves:)

STC v.4 - BMC pairings and game vs Daemons

The last game of the tournament is with the BMC team from Warsaw. I've managed to play with 4 out of 5 players of team BMC before and they definitely did not come to Rybnik "just for fun" as they stated!

The estimations table is neither awesome nor good.

I've managed to find normal pairings for every player and a positive one for me.

STC v.4 - Schwarzes Pferd I pairings and game vs World Eaters

 After day 1 we finished in the 2nd place on the leaderboard with the same amount of points as the first place and a bit less of secondary points. So, in the 4th game, we played with the tourney winners - the mighty Schwarzes Pferd I.

Estimation's table was quite optimistic, to be honest. Let's take a look

Pairings went really well, according to the expectations table. The pre-game sum of expectations was like 60 pts with no bad match-ups and a few rather positive ones! But the results were like...

STC v.4 - Cracow's Smog Brigade pairings and game vs Necrons

With 2 solid wins, we are paired with Cracow's Smog Brigade - one of the strongest teams at the tournament, which went undefeated for all 5 rounds, but failed to score high enough to reach the pedestal. Our estimations table appears to have a dominant red color now:

I do not actually remember the course of the pairing process, should make notes in the future for deeper analysis! According to our expectations, we got 1 good pairing, 1 bad pairing, and 3 draw pairings.

Estimation pts sum = 49, team result = 49 pts:) But, actually, the numbers are not any close to the expectations table :)

Monday, April 24, 2023

STC v.4 - SP2 pairings and game vs Orkz

The second game with the Schwarzes Pferd II team. In general, we had good estimations and an easy pairing process. If I remember correctly, I placed tyranids as the first defender to avoid red pairing with AM. Got Orks for tyranids and all the rest pairings went smoothly.

All but one results were as expected. Our GSC player had zero experience with Votanns and got a lot of surprises during the game, losing badly.

STC v.4 - WSiK#1 pairings and game vs AdMech

As I’ve mentioned before, this was the first time Belarusian teams took part in the Polish team tourney. And we did not know what to expect. In reality, we were a bit cautious. As a result, all our fears turned to dust with a warm welcome from the Polish Warhammer community! We’ve received a challenge from the Katowice teams WSiK #1 and WSiK #2 and happily accepted the invitation for the first game:)

"Space Wolves do not have enough firepower to kill my horde army," - he said...

Silesia Team Championship (STC v.4) - Intro

Last weekend I managed to gather my belarusian friends and bring two teams to the team championship in Rybnik, Poland. 

It was the first time belarusian wargamers in Poland came out from hiding to a major tourney that is already an achievement :)

The smell of wooden unpainted terrain mixed with sweat and alcohol - perfection!